Renting Benefits

Renting a domain name is not the same as leasing or buying

Very important to know what are the differences between those three options, as it can have a significant impact on your online project. Renting a domain usually based on a monthly basis, when you pay for the rental of a domain already owned by another domain name owner. To lease a domain is quite similar, but with longer rental terms like year or even more. To buy a domain can be quite expensive and set the liability of the domain name on your business.

Avoid liability issues with domain name renting

One of the biggest advantages of renting a domain is avoiding legal liability for any issues that could connected with particular domain name. If another company has a similar domain name, product or any similarities that could cause confusion to the normal consumer. A lawsuit can be brought regarding the intellectual property. When renting the domain you avoid any direct liability.

Domain renting brings short term flexibility

Domain name renting will provide your project short term flexibility and options that leasing or buying a domain can’t. With monthly renting subscription, you can try out different domain names to see if it’s worth and bringing enough internet traffic to your project. It will allow you to set changes before committing to a single domain for your business.