How To List Your Domains

A simple step by step guide about how to list your domain name for rent on KVUX Domains.

Go to the top right corner menu and ‘Signup’ or ‘Login’ first, if not done yet. Then press ‘List a Domain Name’

Select a category for your domain name from the drop down list. Then press ‘Go >>’ button.

Add your domain name, cost per month, agree that you are an owner, agree that you will point domain name to tenant’s domain name servers, add a description, add tags, add additional information if required, add up to two images (wait a bit, as this could take some time). Set uploaded images as a banner or a thumbnail images. Then press ‘Continue >>’ button.

Review your listing and press ‘Continue >>’ button, if all entered correctly. Or press ‘Go back’ button, if any changes required.

Congratulations! Your new domain name listing now posted and will be reviewed by KVUX Domains administrators and approved, if all entered correctly. You will get a notification email on it. Please forward your domain name to listing page on KVUX Domains, when approved. This will allow future tenant to ensure that you are a domain name owner. Thank You!

August 11, 2021 8:01 pm