Domain Renter

If you own a domain name, become a domain renter with KVUX Domains.

Domain renter – one that receives payment in exchange for use of one’s domain name by a  domain tenant.

To rent your domain name to a domain tenant:

  1. List your domain name on KVUX Domains. Default listing rent period is 1 Month  (minimum period) on subscription basis. As a domain name owner you agree that subscription period could be indefinite till subscription is cancelled. Cost of the domain name can’t be changed during subscription period. Minimum domain name per month cost is 5.00 USD. If there a less than 5.00 USD amount was entered during the time of listing creation, our support team will contact you for a correction.
  2. To proof your domain name ownership, please redirect your domain name under your domain name registrar settings to your created listing page on KVUX domains or directly to KVUX Domains website. Contact our support team if any help will be required.
  3. When KVUX Domains will receive a payment from a domain tenant, our support team will notify you via support ticket here.
  4. Your responsibility will be to add a domain name DNS (Domain Name Server) entries using details provided by the domain tenant (or KVUX Domain support team) within 3 days since you got the details.
  5. KVUX Domains will change your listing status to: Awaiting approval, so it will disappear from the main catalog search.
  6. KVUX Domains will contact you to get your payment details to proceed with a transfer directly to your account. Transfer will be done with deduction of management fee from a received amount paid by the domain tenant. Please read more about our fees here.
  7. When your domain name subscription will be cancelled, KVUX Domains will contact you to update your DNS entries and remove domain tenant details. Your listing status will be changed back to: Available, so it will be visible in the main catalog search. You can update your domain name per month cost on that stage.