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Whenever you are struggling to cover different support channels on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Emails and want to consolidate those. When you are ready to focus on your core business and get more time on your project development. Leave your customer support management to us. As one of the leading enterprise level support service provider in cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, KVUX LTD specialize in improving and optimizing your customers user experience overall.

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Knowledge Base

Deliver users a self-service portal consolidating knowledge from a variety of sources.

Ticketing System

Helps your team to collaborate on customer support tickets and find solutions quicker.

Tier 1 Support Team

Outsourcing of support team responsible for basic support and getting of needed data.

Platforms Integration

Middleware to connect together support platforms with online services in use.

Recent Work

Telos HELP

  • Knowledge Base Implementation
  • Ticketing System Integration
  • Tier 1 Support Management
  • Support Strategy Development
  • Discord Integration

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