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How to create a free MetaMask account?

MetaMask is a popular EVM compatible wallet which runs in a browser extension that allows you to let your wallet interact with web applications utilizing an EVM chain. You need a MetaMask account to subscribe to our crypto services. Download and install MetaMask for your internet browser from here. 2. Click on the MetaMask extension and click on “Get Started”. 3. Import an existent wallet using the seed phrase or create a new one. 4. Create a strong password for your wallet. 5. Securely store the seed phrase for your wallet. 6. Confirm your secret backup phrase by clicking on each word in the order in which the words were presented on the previous screen. Click on “Confirm” to proceed. 7. You can now access your wallet by clicking on the MetaMask icon at the top-right-end corner of your preferred internet browser.
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